Rental Sector · UK Housing Crisis

The Dumping Ground

A I sit here with a coffee and blog, there are no fewer than 5 cats and 1 dog that regularly venture into our garden to poop! This is a garden where I should love my small children to play and for us big people to look on in wonder at the beauty of childhood before us. Instead, the kids are kept indoors – no playing for my five year old out there, and no crawling for my baby out there either.

You see, our landlord – that’s right, the feckless one who has his own young family, deems it appropriate that we have inadequate fencing round the garden. We have a hole too where the gate ought to be. That means Top Cat and his pals walk across the garden and crap whenever the need arises. So too does the dog from next door. Our own dog in her twilight years with dementia thinks WTF. She darts out and darts right back in…in case she is ambushed  by one of these little blighters.


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