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Please, please, please, ban letting agency fees

Please, please, please, BAN LETTING AGENCY FEES,  before our family life and the future of our kids is permanently fucked up. My partner has been offered a better job – a job at management level, a job where his hours will not be cut whenever his current manager deems it appropriate…every week during the winter months. The new job would allow us to save for a mortgage – not much more – but a little bit more each month – and it would stop us living hand-to-mouth most weeks. That job would allow us to purchase some things for the kids, nothing extravagant you understand, just normal everyday things, like a splash suit for my 5 yr DS or a new pair of jeans for him.

BUT there is a serious problem. We need to relocate to Cheltenham for the job. That is not a problem in itself….we would love to move there. The problem lies with estate agencies and their letting fees. Today, for instance, I contacted Charterhouse Estate Agency and I was informed in a very matter of fact way that their ‘administrative fees for tenants are £270 for a single applicant and £330 for a joint application.’ WTF!! This is normal and above board, of course, in the UK, a land where screwing those in the rented sector is considered perfectly legitimate and morally acceptable. Charterhouse is not alone in Cheltenham, for Morgan Associates, charges the following, according to their website.

Screen Shot 2017-03-30 at 13.56.33

You might think that “renters’ have tons of options to avoid such immoral fees, but we do not. Private lettings are darn hard to find; as a family we are tired of optimistically searching through local newspapers and online social media to find landlords. It would appear that most opt to use estate agencies to lease and/or manage their properties.  With fees like those above, it is highly unlikely that we can move and my partner can accept the fab job offer on the table. Oh and for anybody who thinks it is merely a case of saving up or taking out a small loan to pay the fees, this is perhaps the time to state that paying letting agency fees doesn’t guarantee that one will get a property…that’s right, in renta-land, one can pay letting agency fees, and walk away with nothing except a substantial hole in one’s purse. I know…because it has already happened to us several times previously!!






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